The Robl family were one of the first families to establish roots in Ocean Beach Unit II. Frank and Gert Robl were the original owners of numbers 3, 5, and 11 (now 105, 107, and 113) West Chadwick Way.  They lived in #11 and rented out the other two.  Their daughter and son-in-law, Al and Elma Dolgos, were the original owners of #7 (now 109) West Chadwick.
(Thank you to our 2010 Photo Contest Winner, Lisa Marie Courtney, for providing the photos.) 

Frank Robl, 1950s OB II

Frank Robl with the patrol truck, 1950s.

Robl Family

In front of 11(now 113) West Chadwick Way, August 1957.  From left to right: Gert Robl, Frank Robl, Alma Dolgos, Alex "Gerry" Dolgos, Barbara Dolgos and Al Dolgos.



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